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  • RLC Announcement "close some apartments"

    For reasons beyond our control, we had to close some apartments.

    Safety and comfort of the project participants have always been and remain our priority. All the participants are fine. The possibility of their participation in the project is not ruled out in the future.

    We share your feelings and understand how difficult parting with your favorite participants can be. We apologize for the current situation.

    The terms of memberships have been changed:

    • Standard members now have access to all apartments and cameras available on the site (previously only to the "Couples" category)
    • Premium members now have Premium + Replay status, which makes it possible for them to use the RLC Replay service without any restrictions
    • The remaining days of the RLC Replay subscriptions and unused tokens were converted to additional days of the membership

    You can see the information about changes made to your account after logging into the site at the top of the main page.

    We apologize for such a late notice

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  • Spygasm closed due to police investigations

    Popular live voyeur website Spygasm is no longer active since the early hours of 14 May 2019.

    The authors left a message whereby they annunce project was temporarily suspended. They also provided a contact e-mail to ask for  subscriptions and tokens refunds.

    For billing issues and refunds for the purchased Tokens, please contact [email protected]

    Spygasm was created in 2018 and was currently one of the most popular voyeur websites with more than 10 millions visitors. A police investigation by estonian authorities in underway due an allegation of violence against a  22 y.o. belarusian girl who was beaten by his roomate.

    In the last few days, website’s houses were moved from Estonia to Colombia, until website was closed.

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